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Let Sylvie show you only the Best of the Riviera: “She will be like your COUSIN guiding you in her native region”

1. The range of discoveries

Experiences may extend from St Tropez to San Remo, from Provence to the Italian Riviera, including the famous French Riviera with towns such as Nice, Cannes, Antibes, St Tropez or Monte-Carlo Let your guide Sylvie show you all the "off the beaten tracks" possible itineraries

2. Freedom

You will have the freedom of choosing where you want to go, nothing is imposed and you will be able to explain to me the kind of day you have always dreamt of. Each tour with me is unique and tailor-made to YOUR interests only. I truly believe that each person is unique so this is why each tour must be unique as well: I do not like to repeat the same tour over and over, so you can count on lots of variety everyday. You want to go where no one ever goes, somewhere which does not appear on any brochure? Great, this challenge will even be more fun for you all, I love to explore where we are the only visitors.

3. Adaptation

I will adapt to all clients, from toddlers to senior citizens. My youngest tourist was 20 months and my oldest was… I do not remember! I adapt my tours to your age, your pace, your envy, your mood and the circumstances of your travel here. If it is your wedding anniversary, I will advise a very romantic itinerary, if it is a family tour, I will make sure that everyone has a good time, if it is a friends reunion, we will have fun together, if you want to go back where you have been many years ago, I will be more than delighted to show you that particular place again, if you do not know what you want to do, I will make lots of suggestions. Remember that my middle name is ”Flexibility”!

4. Driving

Your experienced and certified guide will drive you safely all along the Riviera. Sylvie has been driving since the age of 18 in 1982 without any accident ever. She also has a college degree in Tourism and has been a tour guide in the south of France since 1984 for groups & individuals. Let her negotiate drop-off and pick-up places that are impossible without this certification. This will allow you freedom with your experienced guide without losing time

5. Itineraries

Your guide will show you the best views of mountain-perched villages, known only to natives, or the medieval streets that are inaccessible to tour buses and unknown to many guides. Her fluent English will charm you with all the history of the region, past & present, all the facts & anecdotes specific to every town & site. Let Sylvie tell you things you would never read in books or learn from standard tours, and let her guide you to the unique places in the region. She has both the knowledge from books and also the knowledge of being a native.

Many visits are possible in one day: here are a few examples:
Monaco & Monte-Carlo in the morning, Nice & St Paul in the afternoon
Cannes & Antibes in the morning, Nice & Monaco in the afternoon
St Paul & Vence in the morning, Eze & Roquebrune in the afternoon
The Matisse & Chagall museums in the morning, the Matisse & Picasso chapels in the afternoon
Antibes & the Picasso museum in the morning, Nice & Eze in the afternoon

Dozens of combinations are possible between towns, medieval villages with old castles and museums. Let her organize thematic tours following your taste or "off the beaten tracks" itineraries, between the sea and the French Alps: for instance:
A full day all along the French Riviera from Monaco to St Tropez with many visits of sea-side resorts (lunch en route)
A full day in the French Southern Alps with many mountain villages, natural canyons & lakes (possible lunch in a mountain restaurant offering local specialties)
A full day in the Italian Riviera with several resort towns such as San Remo or medieval Italian villages as Dolceacqua with possibility of a typical Italian lunch.

In these sites, you will not meet another tourist or very few.
A full or half-day wine tour during which there will be a possibility to visit some interesting wineries in the vicinity of Nice. Local producers grow their own A.O.P. (wine of protected origin) on hills overlooking at the city. In around one hour, you will be taken to the grape fields, be explained the process of wine making, & most important, taste the final product in white, rosé & red in the "Chateau". Every question you ever had about wine in France can be answered by specialists in that field.

Please note that Sylvie has followed a training course about wine tasting in January 2010 in Provence to be able to answer your questions and to even explain more about wine

There will also be a possibility to buy wine at an interesting price directly from the producer if you wish. A small fee per person is required for the tasting depending on the domain and the day. Ask for details.

6. Pick-up

Your guide Sylvie can pick you up where is the most convenient for you: hotel, airport of Nice, maritime station or tender of your cruise ship during your Mediterranean cruise of any port of the Riviera (Nice, Villefranche, Cannes or Monaco). The tour will end wherever it suits you (just coordinate it with your guide)

7. Lunch

For lunch, trust your guide's recommendation for local cuisine made by welcoming French or Italian people in beautiful, cosy & affordable restaurants. Your guide can propose a choice of restaurant with the most breath-taking views. If you want, eat where locals eat. Why not experiencing some typically French “crepes” for instance?
Sylvie will always have the best recommendation because she has been experiencing them all for years. Enjoy the best French or Italian cuisine. The nicest places are not always the most expensive ones. We always propose and we never impose anything.

8. Time

Thanks to your guide, save a precious time avoiding being lost looking for roads, for sites or good restaurants. She will take you right away to the place that you have always dreamed of visiting. Enjoy every minute of your day with her. Last minute changes do not frighten us: with us, every thing is possible, just let us know what you are interested in. We are very flexible

9. Art, culture & humour

Sylvie has a degree in Art History; if you want, let her give you a course in the most accurate English in modern painting & sculpture, showing you continuous exhibitions of Matisse, Picasso, Chagall, Miro, Giacometti and others or in temporary displays of our numerous museums and foundations. Let her explain to you how people used to live during middle-ages or Renaissance time in the little villages or in old cities.
You can ask your guide any questions about life in France and learn how French enjoy their everyday life: experience their famous “savoir-vivre” at a lovely pace famous in the South of France. French humour is included without any supplement… Sylvie has also a degree in humour!

10. Way of life

At the end of your tour, you will have lived a day or two as French people do. In Rome, do as the Romans, in France, do as the French, says a famous proverb. Experience their way of life with a unique “French Touch” You will know how it feels to be a French citizen nowadays. Ask her to explain about the strange “French paradox”, you will be surprised…

11. Price

Pay your guide for her accurate knowledge about the second most visited region in France (after Paris). Please ask for a detailed estimate for her tailor-made services per day.

Our per person price includes gas and mileage, insurance of the car, parking fees and motorway tolls.
It does not include food or beverage, eventual entrance fees of museums nor tipping.

Tours with your own car, including driving & guiding for a full day (approx. 8 hours) or a half-day (approx. 4 hours)
Tours with a rental car, including gas & mileage, insurance of the car, driving & guiding for a full day (approx. 8 hours) Please check our competitive prices for car rentals.

12. Testimonials

Listen to what those who have experienced this easy way of travelling on the French Riviera think about us after 26 years of touring here

13. Travel to France or Europe with you private guide/driver and van

We offer you to travel to other beautiful regions of France or even in other countries of Europe if you wish with a rented van driven by an experienced driver plus an English speaking guide for several days. Should you want to discover where your ancestors come from France, we take you where they were born & help you tracking your origins.
We will translate any eventual encounter with some relatives still living in Europe as long as you know in which region we should search.

As an example, we helped an American family to meet for the first time their relative in Alsace, and since that time, they organize a family reunion every two years!
You can count on our smartness & tenacity to track your family! We will take care of the accommodation & catering every day together with pleasant visits on the way, joining pleasure & interest. Please ask for our detailed and tailor-made quote.

14. NEW!!

Unique tailor-made discovery of Paris and Normandy: in summer and winter only :

I have been guiding successfully for 3 years now wonderful trips to Paris with or without Normandy for 4, 6, or 8 guests, friends, family or others.
When you tell me what you intend to do and what you like, I will prepare a day by day program with all the suggestions for a tailor-made discovery of Paris following if you are first-timers or not. I will suggest a combination of unique local places with some tourist highlights and many hidden gems of Paris I have been discovering every year for 20 years now.
Your itinerary will be unique and created for you only. Then when you agree with it, I will make all the reservations to ensure a successful stay. Then, we will meet in Paris and I will guide you everyday so that you do not waste time, you enjoy Paris in an easy way with a personal guide who will give you all the “keys” to understand and to “live in Paris like a native” for a few days.
Of course, Flexibility will be my main concern, even until the last day, you can always change plans, add or cancel visits if you want following your mood or state of mind. I will also make sure that you always get the better prices everywhere and that you do not get trapped in tourists rip-offs. You can be sure that the money and time that you will save thanks to me will widely compensate the expense of hiring me as a daily guide.

Ask for our moderate daily rate in Paris.
See what our previous guests thought of their time in Paris with me in August 2009:

“Dear Sylvie, I thought I would take a minute and email you with a big thanks for all you did to make our Paris trip a great success. It was a better than we could have imagined. We had so much fun and saw a lot more than we ever could have imagined. But like every where else you go, still so much more to see. There is a lot in Paris to explore, but we got a good start on it. Anyway, I just wanted to thank you again for all you did for us, and all the arrangements. Tell Edith thank you. She was amazing and really taught us much in the Louvre. Thanks again. A bientot. » Ric, Cheryl, Arnie & Neta