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Provence & local gastronomy:

Everywhere in the world, France is the symbol of high-class cooking and this is well deserved. But you should not forget that there is not only one French style cooking, but as many as the regions we have in France. The French Riviera has numerous specialties, most of them being influenced by neighbouring country: Italy. Sylvie offers you the opportunity to discover these unique experiences through excursions based on the theme of Gastronomy and wines. We begin in Nice by introducing typically niçois raw materials and local specialties while discovering the market of cours Saleya : all kinds of vegetables & local fruits: courgettes (zucchinis), tomatoes, eggplants, artichokes, garlic; and then candied fruits, regional spinach pie which can be salted or sweet, socca (a delicious pancake made with chickpea flour), stuffed vegetables such as onions, tomatoes, zucchinis, mushrooms, tasteful fritters of eggplant & zucchinis, these two vegetables being the basis of the famous ratatouille niçoise (vegetable stew). We can also find all kinds of fishes such as sea-bass, sea-bream, sardine, anchovy, tuna-fish, red snapper, and cod, basis of the well-known stockfish. Then we proceed to the hills of Nice, in Bellet, where they make one of the most prestigious & limited wines (50 acres only): Bellet wine. These rich and tasty wines will be introduced to you by the keeper of the cave and the sommelier during a tasting. After these starters, we will have a lunch with Nizza specialties before proceeding to the old village of Cagnes sur Mer, which offers an interesting exhibition on the theme of the olive tree. Don’t forget that the olive oil is the actual basis of alimentation on the French Riviera versus butter in the rest of France. Please note that several variations can be proposed, such as the cooking lesson given in Mougins, in Pont du Loup or in Cannes (capital of gastronomy in our region. We can also schedule an incursion in the neighbourhood of St-Tropez with a lunch in a unique & picturesque bastide surrounded by vineyards & cork-oaks. We would then continue with a sampling of Côte de Provence cru classés (high-quality Provence wines) presented by the owner himself. Why wouldn’t we combine gastronomy and wines with tastes & smells by arranging a visit of a vineyard with a sampling and in the same day, an introduction to the magical world of perfumes with the visit of a famous factory of Grasse, the world-capital of perfume? You will be able to create your own personal fragrance with the help of the nose (the perfume creator)

Food markets and local recipes cooking lessons

After visiting a lively typical daily food market such as in Old Nice or in Old Antibes where your guide will show you all the local specialties, then you are taken to a cooking lesson in Cannes or in Nice: there, for 2 hours, you will follow the instructions in English of your cook preparing a main course or a whole three courses lunch at your choice. Then will come the rewarding moment when you will simply enjoy eating your freshly-prepared lunch. Bon Appétit !
This can be done any day of the year

Easy hiking near the sea or near the Southern Alps

If you want to exercise in a unique place where many famous people came before, ask for our easy hiking walk from the water front of Eze to the unique hilltop village of Eze. For about 45 minutes, discover amazing views of the French Riviera coastline at each turn. Then be rewarded by the visit of the medieval village of Eze with a well-deserved fresh drink on an unforgettable terrace of a luxurious hotel of Eze with a breathtaking view. We can propose another hiking for about one hour with a beautiful mountain view and the fresh drink will be served in the village of Gourdon, another “Eagles nest” of the Riviera. Good walking shoes are recommended. Only doable with good weather conditions.

And even more “à la carte” thematic tours depending on what you like: Prices and details upon requests directly to Sylvie.

The French Riviera coastline seen by the sea from Nice (in Summer only)

Private sailing experience from Cannes with a private skipper (in Summer only)

Off the beaten tracks villages in the Hinterlands between sea and mountains (any time of the year)Original French Riviera: it will offer a very different vision of this region that you surely do not know yet (any time of the year)

Picnic and “petanque” game (bocce bowls game): buy your lunch in a local daily fresh food market and eat it outdoor like the French! (depending on the weather of course…) Then learn to play the “Petanque” game, favourite outdoor game of the locals all year round.

Visit of family owned vineyards near Saint Paul de Vence (any time of the year)

Visit of exceptional vineyards in the Var area (any time of the year)

Tour special for kids and teenagers with the Marineland & Canyon Forest parks (any time of the year)

Tour special for children with visits of ancient castles, ice-cream of many different flavours, tours on an old French style Marry-go-round and more surprises… (any time of the year)

Horse riding in the French Alps with your discovery of the Southern Alps (except in winter)

A beautiful day in the gardens of the French Riviera between Monaco & Menton among which at least 4 are "must-see" (recommended in Spring, Summer and Fall)

Meet the local farmers and eat their best organic & naturally grown products in their farms above & near Nice (all year round except in Winter)