Canyon of the Cians river


There was so much time I was not doing this beautiful tour that I have decided to update it and to propose it again for a different discovery of the « inside of the land » of the French Riviera.

In fact, I was used to do it when I was working for incentive groups staying in Monaco or in Cannes for about one week, all expenses paid by their company, and I remember how much all the groups used to love this tour and their enthusiam when they returned to their hotel.

They really felt they were experiencing the French Alps even in only one day and always remembered it.

What do you see and where do you go in one day from your hotel on the French Riviera to discover the French Alps?

Walking in the natural canyon

Shortly after, we arrive to a picturesque village where we make a coffee or local white wine tasting just before entering the canyons of the Daluis river. The landscape is now completely different , the red rocks entirely surround us.

To better enjoy this unique panorama, we stop and walk in the canyon, next to the torrent for better pictures.

Soon after, we arrive to the ski resorts of Beuil and Valberg for lunch and a short hike in the nearby alpine hill if you want.

After a nice lunch with local specialties, we drive downhill to another part of this very scenic tour, to the canyon of the Daluis, much more « grand » than the previous canyon, hard to believe but true !!

We of course can stop where we want to better enjoy the breathtaking views and dramatic scenery of the French Alps…

Then it is another drive to a small village in a valley and the other canyon, with the impressive « bridge of the bride », the amazing view points to the bottom of the valley where the Var river snakes down to the Sea.

The canyon of the Daluis River

After several stops for pictures, we arrive to the small fortified town of Entrevaux for coffee and visit in the 17th century walled city fortified by Louis XIV.

Then another drive thru the Var valley will take us back to Nice and the coast by 6.00pm.

What a journey!!

Amazing nature, wild flowers, wild life, possibitily of watching wild wolves recently re-introduced in the French Alps from Italy, possibility of hiking in the mountain, of horse riding in the forest, of rafting in the Var river rapids, or just of taking some pictures of people doing all that!!

Your choice will be mine, I will suggest and you will pick…

This is a comment I received after touring a party of 4 wonderful people in the French Alps last May:

« In Cannes or Monaco, especially when the ship is in port until late or overnights, I STRONGLY RECOMMEND the private tour we took with Sylvie Cristo of the French Alps. It is absolutely the best excursion we have ever done. Sylvie is a fabulous tour guide (the best we have ever had) and has tailor made this tour as an alternative to the usual Monaco, Eze, St. Paul de Vence boiler plate tours. Not only was the mountain scenery just incredible, but we stopped in small villages untainted by tourists or tour buses. We had coffee and snacks in real French cafe’s. We had time to walk and get up close with the natural beauty of this region. Even if people had not been the the Riviera before, I would take this in a heartbeat over the other tours. I really felt sorry for those who had to sit on th big tour buses. She can tailor excursions and I highly recommend her to your clients. »


Forest of Valberg

Guests enjoying the hike

The red rocks of the Cian