The olive oil mill near Nice

The olive oil maker at work

If you would like to experience the real taste of natural products, this tour is for you :

Together, in my comfortable car or van, I will take you to a lovely village in a valley near Nice to visit an olive mill dating back to the 18th century.

The village has restored it in 1992 so that it  can now still produce olive oil with traditional methods.

There, we will discover the old way of pressing the local olives to make a paste which will become a golden juice : the future olive oil, long time considered as the local richness and called « Green Gold ».

After tasting it on fresh bread as well as the fresh olive paste called « Tapenade », we will go to the hills around Nice where Pierre & Anne will welcome you for a walk in their magnificent market garden and orchard with many fruit trees. They are very proud and especially of their large organic field where they will explain how they grow their delicious season vegetables and fruits.

In the French countryside, they have been growing there approximately 100 heirloom varieties of tomatoes and some 25 varieties of citrus! Some of them you have never seen in your life and you will be able to taste them today.

Depending on the season, you can pick up the fruits and vegetables you prefer for your freshly-squeezed fruit/vegetable juice, then you will be ready for a nice meal where all the organic ingredients have be grown on the spot by Anne & Pierre in traditional ways, without any chemicals, just as they were taught by their parents.

The idea of this meal is to make you re-discover the real taste of vegetables and fruits the way we should eat them everyday for better health. Enjoy their magnificent green-house where they have installed sofas, comfortable armchairs and tables for lunch.

You will also have a unique opportunity to taste many heirloom products that are not grown anymore by our farmers, so which have all been forgotten nowadays. They also grow traditional French varieties of strawberries, radish, carrots, fennels, celery, and a local salad niçoise called « mesclun » among other season surprises.

Not to mention the delicious home made season fruits desserts! At each visit, there will be a different recipe following the fruits of the season!

Every dish will be served with their home made olive oil « vierge première pression à froid » filled with all the anti-radicals we need for our body protection.

Several formulas are available from 20€ to 40€/PP including the visit and different tastings.

After this marvelous lunch where you can choose what you want to taste among their numerous fresh products, and served outside with a nice view of Nice, let’s discover, a stones-thrown away,  the local vineyards of Nice, called Vin de Bellet.

It is the only « Protected Origin Wine » or AOP grown in a city in France since 1941 and it is very famous for that.

It was planted by the Greeks and developed by the Romans so it benefits from 2,600 years of experience.

It is waiting for you in Provence...

Only 14 producers can use this label on their bottles and the whole vineyard is only of about 100 acres large! Needless to say, it is one of the smallest vineyard in the world! And one of the best as well, because the quality of these wines was even recognized by the Kings of France and the Catholic Popes in Avignon who were fond of them.

Carine, the owner with her husband will welcome you in their domain and will show us the sunny terraces with the view of Nice where the vine grapes lazily get the maximum amount of sun from March thru September when they are harvested by hand and processed.

After visiting, it will be time to taste their white, rosé and red selection of wines.

Then I will drive you back where we started the day, or any place of your convenience.

  • This tour can be operated all year round, each season providing different ingredients for the lunch.
  • Please make sure to wear comfortable shoes for this tour.
  • Ask for details and prices if you are interested. These places are hidden gems, I do not want anyone else to find them…!

Anne & Pierre in Nice

Pierre showing his organic fields

Some of the local veggies they grow

To start with an appetizer...

What about a nice lunch after the visit?

Visit their orchard with dozens of citrius

Then a main course perhaps?

Should you be thirsty of vitamin C...

You like it red, rosé or white??